The details create the atmosphere

Designer Erna Berger Moise talks about the serious playfulness with the details which can save old interiors or contour new spaces in an artistic manner, if treated with professionalism.

„Old houses have an exceptional aesthetic potential and can successfully adopt little metamorphoses, in order to house contemporary or eclectic interiors.”

A style is more individualized by the details or by the right combination of pieces?

In any style, the importance of details is determinant, because they define the character of each space, contributing to the creation of an aesthetic, harmonious and expressive whole. If all the details are treated carefully, maybe you won’t even realize why you like that interior, but you will surely feel its harmony. But the omission of one single detail can compromise the whole design.

What is the style that defines you and through what elements and details do you contour it?

I prefer the more playful approaches, that allow me to associate the elements in an unexpected manner, thus, the style is rather an eclectic one, the style of a collectionary of „beauty”, from different styles and time periods. As such, if the dominant consists of old objects, I like to counterpoint with authentic ethnic pieces, or with old eccleziastic art, and last but not least, to integrate an iconic contemporary object into the composition.

How do you create the background of this blend?

The options are countless. You can combine the patina of the walls with an impeccable epoxy floor, either matte, glossy or glazed. If the owner wants a less modified space, then you can polish the original parquet and treat it with a polyurethane paint, for example; then, the space effect will be remarkable.

How can we integrate the new pieces? What about the old ones?

The contemporary, minimalist pieces look amazing on a textured, aged background, they will stand out beautifully and will set an exciting dialogue with an old chandelier, with faded crystals, for example, and an old majestic mirror. Or, on the contrary, we can create unusual compositions using old reclaimed furniture pieces and contemporary, conceptualized lighting objects.