About us

interior design.

The artist Erna Berger Moise is the founder and creator of the company that as of 1997 has focused its attention and creativity upon the artistic field of ambient interior design and refurbishment of numerous spaces which have become famous, iconic in Romania and even abroad. A graduate of the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Academy of Fine Arts, department of Decorative Arts, Textile Design, the designer had begun her art studies in Israel, at the “Shenkar” College of Textile Arts and Design from Ramat-Gan, where during four years of study she defined her identity and nonconformist and individualistic artistic discourse that makes her so really different and identifiable in expression, and then completed her studies in Bucharest after her return to Romania.


The first interior design and graphic identity creation project came as an exceptional challenge and consisted of an exclusivist restaurant named “Basilicum”, a visual vanguard project of an outstanding multidisciplinary artistic character, which includes conceptualization, effective interior design and personalization of the project by mural decorative painting of high sense of detail and refinement. The celebrity of this emblematic space, appreciated by specialised critics from the United Kingdom as being worthy of the great European capitals, motivated the passionate and prodigious involvement of the talented artist in this field of activity. This project was followed by other interior interior design works, which became more and more diverse, shifting towards inciting areas such as: residential building spaces, head offices of some well-known companies, conceived as real manifesto works, various public spaces, concept restaurants, private clinics, beauty parlours, and exhibition spaces for famous brands. All these projects have the highly distinctive mark and signature of the artist who managed, by her works full of exuberant creativity, expressive visual formulae and a sophisticated plastic language to model people’s aesthetic perception of the space in which they manifest themselves, in which they live!


The clients who responded to this challenge and embraced Erna Berger Moise’s unique ideas is heterogeneous, Romanians as well as foreigners, young people with an appetite for futuristic minimalist spaces or mature persons with cultivated tastes and appreciating styles which have become classic. The projects are also unique and unrepeatable, highly customized for every beneficiary and designed to meet the different expectations of every single one of our clients, so as to define and represent them, being conceived as conceptual art works and executed effectively with the utmost care for the perfection of the details.


Nowadays, our company is in a permanent quest and opening towards new areas and projects from the field of architecture and interior interior designs. Our young dynamic and extremely creative team includes architects, engineers as well as professionals who manage and supervise the works executed effectively on site. The services offered by our company combine all the domains of activity: thus, we create complete architecture projects and provide on-site assistance during all the phases of the execution. Our attention and concern for details and technical solutions applied are the result of the expertise we have accumulated in time and the passion with which we approach each and every one of our projects is in the spirit of the respect we pay to our clients.


In the interior design area, we create interior design projects for residential spaces, offices, public spaces, showrooms, exhibition stands and we can also provide specialised consultancy in issues connected therewith.


The original approach and refinement, the elegance and good taste as well as the dominant artistic side of our projects is also assured by a careful and exigent selection of prestigious companies and producers from Italy, UK, France, Spain and Israel that we collaborate with, brands that dictate everything that is memorable and worth noting in the area of top-class design.

Our team has a wide experience in the design field, successfully delivering projects not only in Bucharest, but also in the country, since 2003.