About us

interior design.


Our company has been set up more than 20 years ago, when artist Erna Berger Moise decided to start her activity in interior design. Having graduated from the „Nicolae Grigorescu” Academy of Beaux-Arts and „Shenkar” College, Department of Textile Design (in Israel), Erna formed her identity and her unique artistic discourse not only during her college years, but also during her activity as an artist.


The first interior design project, „Basilicum”, came as a challenge, being an exclussive restaurant and a work of great refinement and visual avantgarde. The success of Basilicum defines our vision in interior design, the restaurant being appreciated by renowned UK critics as worthy of the great European capitals.

Throughout our activity the projects got more and more diverse, focusing also on residential, public spaces, beauty parlous and expositional spaces design.


Our office is permanently open to new challenges, focusing not only on the field of architecture, but also on the field of interior design. Our team is made up of young and creative members: architects, designers and engineers, as well as staff who manage and track construction work.

Each project bears the signature of Erna Berger Moise, who has succeeded in shaping the aesthetic perceptions of people on interior design through her creativity and expressiveness.

The proposed interior design ideas were embraced by Romanians and foreigners alike, the projects being personalized and responding to the needs and desires of each client.


The success of our projects is also due to the exigency and professionalism with which we treat every project of ours. Thus, we work with renowned companies and producers from Italy, UK, France, Spain and Israel, these being the brands that dictate the tendencies and quality in the field of elite design.

Our team has a wide experience in the design field, successfully delivering projects not only in Bucharest, but also in the country, since 2003.