Q-Studio – minimalist design, with feminine and sensual accents

The interior design project of Q Studio beauty parlour came as a challenge to designer Erna Berger Moise, who, despite her vast portfolio, had never designed such a space previously. Consequently, this project represented a first in her career. The salon is located in a select area in Bucharest, on a quiet street, occupying the ground floor of a modern, recently built construction. The uniqueness of the project imposed the strict conformation to the standards of the carried out business, but otherwise, the designer had a lot of freedom from the client’s side. His only wish was to create a high-end beauty parlour from a visual point of view, where the attention for detail makes the difference.

„We wanted a unique space in Bucharest, with a refined design, created in a contemporary manner, where an unconventional idea would mark the uniqueness of the project”.

The existent partitions and floor coverings were the only ones that could not be modified, but we’ve let our imagination roam freely when choosing the other elements that make the spaces of the salon. Thus, the finishes include decorative wallpaper as well as photo-wallpaper, the lighting pieces are unconventional and have a great visual impact, while the translucent fabrics with floral pattern create a unique atmosphere. The hairdresser salon, a room with a large amount of windowpanes, without a window sill and with a large opening towards the street, had to be the most imposing one from a conceptual point of view, and thus, we used photo-wallpaper allover the ceiling. The thus created scenery is remarkable, the inversion of the layouts generating a unique sensation. The image is a replica of a XVIth century painting, depicting a young lady from the Court of England, dressed in the clothes of that era.

I liked the idea of the contrast between the modern-futurist style of the space and the preciousness and glamour of the painting that depicts femininity in a totally different register. The juxtaposition of the transparent, fresh, white colours, with the temperate, thick and profound tones of the painting. The lamps on the walls allowed me to have a completely empty ceiling, in order to display this painting, and to light it favourably.

I equally took care of the choice of furniture. I opted for white shades, in order to stimulate the sensation of purity, fluidity and spaciousness. The chosen pieces of furniture are the avantgarde in the field, having an exceptional design and ergonomics.

In order to visually emphasize the reception area, we opted for designer pieces of furniture and accessories: the Esedra desk has a white lacato finish, simple and elegant, that reminds us of a minimalist sculpture. The satin ivory wallpaper was bought from Vescom, Netherlands, and is a very special one: it is made from vinyl and has a strong wear resistance, while the truly futuristic lighting piece has a unique light distribution, casting the light upwards, on the ceiling, and downwards, towards the functional area of the reception. For the waiting and conversation areas we chose white plastic chairs with a satin finish from Vitra, signed by Eames, and an IKEA coffee table that was remodelled by us.

Q Studio is an interior design project that proves that any space can be treated in an unconventional manner from the point of view of the style, and the results are remarkable through their visual language.

The warm light, evenly distributed on the walls by the articulated lighting pieces, with adjustable filaments and ivory parchment abatjours amplify the scenery of the main room. The producer of the lamps is Artemide, and they their name is “Tolomeo”. Besides the dedicated furniture, we also have precious fabrics for the Venetian blinds, that offer a noble atmosphere, and mirrors with manually crafted frames, covered with silver foil, that were created in an Italian workshop.

The second room was treated similarly from the point of view of the look, the only difference being the purple walls, a feminine and fresh colour, and the decorative graphic element is a golden bronze sticker from Domestic. The lighting pieces from the Tolomeo collection from Artemide offer a lovely warm ambiental light, due to the parchment abatjours.

Article created with the support of designer Erna Berger Moise