Expressive and plastic language in a functional space

This project is part of a wide range of facilities for the „Regina Maria” chain of hospitals and clinics. Thus, there has been, from the beginning, an overall concept, unique in its approach in Romania. Starting from the admirable and prestigious personality of Queen Marie, the project imposed a respectful and gracious approach, the aesthetic part having a dominant role. The conceptualization of such a space, where the function is usually predominant, is a rarely encountered procedure in the interior design area in Romania, but also abroad. I wanted to create an atypical and unconventional space not only in the public reception areas, but also in the rooms, the design being more often encountered in a 5 stars boutique hotel than in a hospital. The expressiveness and the plastic language of the space are prevailingly contemporary, with precious accents, harmoniously juxtaposed, like a metaphore, in order to quote the refinement and nobility that defined the sophisticated personal universe of Queen Marie. The project has been a challenge also because we had strict regulatory documents that imposed certain finish materials and furniture, normatives that pointed the functionality, maintenance and aseptization.

Despite all these limitations, I still had the chance to work with materials that could sustain my ideas, allowing the aesthetic solutions and the visual impact that I wanted. The wallpaper with strong patterns has been carefully chosen, in order to match the finish of the floors in light colours. These tones give an aerial vibe to the space, bringing forth the objects that have been laid on these perfect surfaces. In the medical offices, though, I used more acid and vivid colours, in order to get a fresh atmosphere. The walls have been ennobled with canvas printed replicas – the portrait of Queen Marie, and paintings from her time, depicting femininity, the space in which they have been exposed being the maternity ward. These are bordered by precious, baroque frames, with silver or gold leaf, manually crafted in Italy. The furniture is modern – iconic design pieces, signed by internationally renowned designers.

The paediatrics area, with its own reception, is designed in a playful manner, while keeping the whole aesthetic vibe of the space, the reception desk being created after its own scheme in a local manufactory.

The oversized toy-pieces “populate” the play and waiting area, together with the futurist furniture. The more vivid colours accentuate the childish atmosphere. The VIP wards and rooms are designed in a manner in which the elegance, the comfort and intimacy give a distinctive feature to each individual space, while keeping the general idea. The result of this successful project is also due to an efficacious collaboration with Glamour Floors, which provided cutting-edge, high technical and aesthetical quality materials, completed by the offered consultancy and impeccable manner of implementation.

Interior designer Erna Berger Moise