Designish office in Charles de Gaulle Square

Designish office in Charles de Gaulle Square: a creative scenery, inspired by the character of Queen Marie

BBy Dana Marin / January 15, 2016 / Architecture & Interior Design, Offices, Romanian designers and architects, Interview

How would it feel if we went to work everyday just like we go to the theatre, for the hospitable atmosphere and the stylish design of the space? Any serios job would then become more creative, more relaxed, more productive. We can do it too!
It is located in Bucharest and is part of the new „designish” trend of interior design. A combination of useful, beautiful, historical and contemporary object design, under a unique chromatic identity. This is the way Charles de Gaulle Square office spaces look like. The curtain rises slowly, keeping the cliff-hanger, and thus we find out that the new Regina Maria offices come forth.
Imagine the open space of this office like a theatre scene. The mobile, soundproofed screens separate Act I from Act II; the hospitable areas of the library and the couch constantly receive new characters, transitorily seen in scenes 5, 7, 9 or 10; the light falls on the waiting area, where stories are developing on the monumental background of the mural painting, and the atypical furniture contours dynamic and spontaneous scenes.
Now open your eyes and watch the „show” of the year 2015, the moment when this scenographic office was created, very contemporary through its finishes, furniture and colour pallette.

„The lighting objects are a modern interpretation of some precious chandeliers, from times gone by”, says the team from Eclectarte.

Curious by nature, we left the audience and focused our enthusiasm towards Eclectarte, namely Erna Berger Moise and Vlad Moise, the ones who signed the interior design of Charles de Gaulle Square office.
The story develops below.

„We wanted the reception area to have visual impact. The iconic wallpaper, with characters painted in a decorative manner, in Renaissance clothes, with antique look, is one of the scenographic elements that contribute to the atmosphere of this space. The vibe of the space is completed by the extremely coloured carpet tiles, inspired by the Oriental pottery”, says Erna.

The wallpaper with monumental mural painting aspect is named „Agora”, and it emphasizes the theme of togetherness and communication – the red line of the design. The metallic chairs are renowned: „Wire Chairs” by Eames, purposefully chosen, in order not to cover the charm of the Wall&Deco wallpaper.

How did you get to the final design option for this space?

The theme that we chose for this project was one of „communication, togetherness and attitude”, and the translation of this concept into reality imposed the creation of a contemporary, aesthetic, informal and sophisticated space. This new project is part of the interior design series that we have been doing for the past nine years. The interior design concept is thus well-established, in the way that it has been defined and crystallized from the very beginning of our first interior design project, through a recognizable image and a unique visual and conceptual identity.

In fact, what are the functions of this open space, only separated in certain areas? Does it work also as a reception, a transitory space, meeting room and office?

We wanted to customize, to warm and to humanize the office open spaces. This generous open space has a heterogeneous function. However, the dominant space is the office area, meaning the working area with all its accessories, the storage furniture with various shapes for various storaged objects. Besides the furniture that has been dedicated to this purpose, pretty standardized, we created some large, atypical pieces, with the purpose of storing and dividing the space. With a sophisticated design, very contemporary through its language, it creates an interesting dialogue with the rest of the minimalist furniture.

The open space area also incorporates discussion areas, informal mini-conference rooms with removable splitting plans (modern screens that have been finished with soundproof material). Thus, the office furniture becomes easily reconfigurable, depending on different spontaneous needs.

In the open space, the furniture is from IKEA,, and the felt screens are from Buzzy Space

How did you choose the materials and colours for each area, in order for them to bring, from the entrance, a relaxed atmosphere?

The materials that we chose for the finishes and for the objects were meant to create a warm, luminous, refined and contemporary atmosphere. The colour pallette was already settled, even though we never repeat the same tones identically, the chromatic range still being recognizable.

The whites are dominant, because they bring light and an ethereal atmosphere, inspiring relaxation and well-being. The accents are given by fuchsia tones, purples, vermillions, and as a counterpoint, there are the tones of complementary green. These vibrant colours inspire dynamism and energy.

The rocking chair is also signed by Eames, while the B&T couch, from Turkey, has been matched with the colour pallette of the office.

How did the fact that the space is dedicated not only to the public, but also to the employees, influence the red line of the interior design concept?

This expressive and nonconformist space, belonging to an office that occupies a whole storey, is dedicated mainly to the employees of the company, the ones that have previously been spread in various building, different departments, different storeys. Thus, we focused the concept of the design on the theme of togetherness and physical, not virtual communication. Of course, the space is also dedicated to the public or visitors.

The rocking chair is also signed by Eames, while the B&T couch, from Turkey, has been matched with the colour pallette of the office.

How did you manage to integrate, in a designish manner, the storage furniture and the subdivisions that are necessary in an effectively ordered office space?

We suggested a mix&match between desks and renowned design objects, that change the visual balance a lot, in the favor of an aesthetic atmosphere. We used furniture pieces and auxiliary objects signed by Italian, Danish and Swedish designers.

The solar lighting object was found at Vertigo

This being said, the curtain goes back to its initial position. Dear audience, thank you for your attention, the representation has come to an end. We hope that you had a good time on our different stage, with a unique design, without rules or imposed templates. We hope that this atmosphere will be contagious for as many Bucharest-based offices as possible.

Pictures by Taddeo Moise.