Visiting 2activePR

The building in which the 2ActivePR company is located is charming and surely full of stories: built in a Neo-Classic style and dating from the 30’s, it has been revived by Corina Bârlãdeanu, 2ActivePR General Manager, together with Vlad and Erna Moise from Eclectarte Studio.

The theme of this design was a state of mind, a warm atmosphere that would inspire the 2ActivePR staff.

The theme of the design, as Corina puts it, was a state of mind, a warm, homy atmosphere that would inspire the staff, and not one of an impersonal office. „The most important thing for me is to offer my colleagues the inspiration to see the office work not as any other job, but as their own creative act, in which everything that comes our of their hands represents them.”, says Corina.
Corina’s office is far from being an ordinary CEO office: the fabrics from designers Guild, the original flooring or the spectacular Fortuny lamp are the elements that create a scenographic space.
The creative team works in the upper-story, in an open space where cheerful colours, together with the lighting sources, create a fresh atmosphere. The colour pallette from the conference room is more limited, a specific feature for this kind of space.

Article published in „Home and garden” magazine