The temptation of luxury

Being at the same time a display space, a showroom and a competent advisor in the field, the purpose of a showroom is to educate the taste of the public in a professional manner, in order to obtain an optimized purchase.

The first Hi-Life destination appeared in Bucharest in 2003, on Dorobanti Street, being Romania’s first exclussive representative for the German furniture brand Rolf Bentz, but also for the hi-fi products from Mcintosh, Marantz or Canton.

Since October 2008, in the northern part of the capital, another showroom opened its gates. This time, we’re talking about 300 sqm, with an impressive scenery, an exceptional interior design, signed by Erna Judith Berger Moise. Here we will be able to admire circa 25 renowned furniture and accessories brands from all over the world.

The concept of the design is presented by the designer that left her fingerprint on the showroom:

„From a conceptual point of view, I wanted to create an atypical showroom, more avant-garde, more unconventional. I wanted to obtain another kind of scenery for some furniture pieces and for some accessories, scenery that tends to be more of an art exhibition manifesto, a scenographic decomposition, rather than a simulation of a space that is too deeply-rooted into the functional, like a livingroom or a bedroom. The approach of the existing space was a brave one, if we’re talking, for example, about the design of the ceiling, or of the pillars, creating advantages where there is nothing praiseworthy.”

The rough industrual language, the apparent fixtures and the piping that has been finished in concrete grey gain a certain expressiveness compared with the displayed pieces, that have a very laboured, sophisticated and over-finished look.

Dealing with an open space, the designer has faced a challenge, namely the intelligent positioning of each and every collection, without recreating the classic areas of a home.

Corroded metal, unique shapes, silver or gold manually applied foil offer the space a faultless elegance.

Leolux is a notable representative of the Nordic design, a Dutch producer who owns, in his collections, pieces that are unique from the point of view of the shape and colour.

The „Volare” sofa, signed by Jan Armgardt, is built on a metal structure, being covered with authentic leather, in an intense fuchsia shade. The Rolf Benz sofa, model Ego, signed by edgar Reuter, reprezents the philosophy for quality and comfort of the German producer. Ego offers versatility and modularity, succeeding to create the perfect sofa for the perfect home.

E15 is also a German producer that uses walnut or oiled oak wood for his creations. In the showroom, visitors can admire the splendid Shiraz sofa, designed by Phillip Maizner, named Farah Ebrahimi, a name that was chosen in order to suggest mystery, luxury and opulence, and to remind us of the Orient. What we can admire here is a Persian inspired model, that builds an authentic arch over the styles, from classic to modern, emphasizing the traditional elements of an impressive culture. Airy, fluid and coherent, the space of the showroom equally focuses the interest towards each composition.

The „Archipel” sofa, signed by Hugo de Ruiter, addresses strong personalities, that desire an unconventional ambient. The combination of brown, metal-like leather and the backrest with black and white floral pattern is surprizing and unique. The public is educated and inspired through such a showroom.

When we are part of the higher walk of life, the presence of renowned designer creations represents not only an example of social status, but also an act of culture. The best furniture choice matches the decorative details, this is why the balance of „forces” in this unique showroom is very important.