Oriental meets Occidental in a Bucharest Coffee Shop


By Diana Bogdan / February 10, 2017 / Competition, Design in the City, Romanian Designers & Architects / 57 Comments

If you come across Ion Câmpineanu Street in Bucharest these days, you might have the impression of getting close to the Orient. Not all at once, first you have to enter Sheida – coffee and stories, a coffee shop that is located at number 23, in a two-storey house designed by Erna Moise (Eclectarte), the designer I told you about here. It gave us a sudden appetite for a Qav or a sand coffee, so we believe that it would be nice for you if we told you more about it, especially because it also has a humanitarian cause.
Oh, and it is worth mentioning that at the end of this article you’ll also find a contest, so drink your coffee leisurely.
Contest closed! The winners of the 4 Sheida vouchers are: Daria Petrascu, Roxana Alina Mesaros and Laura Nasui! Congratulations to all! You will soon be contacted by the Sheida representatives, in order to find out how to get the vouchers.

Duality: the bar is covered with blue ceramic tiles with Oriental pattern, and above it there is a manually painted frieze, with black and white geometric pattern.

At the ground floor, the eclectic vibe of the coffee shop can be a little confusing is you like a plainer style, but the multitude of elements taken from different scenes slowly become coherent when you learn the story of the place. The Oriental element comes from the young Persian girl that gives the names of the coffee shop, while the contemporary pieces – the wooden tables and the differently coloured chairs, either upholstered, wooden or made from transparent or matte plastic – are meant to bring this coffee shop into the modern city.

We let Erna Moise talk about the colour “avalanche”, because she is the designer that was in charge: “From a chromatic point of view, I played with vivid tones, turquoise, green, fuchsia, colours that lead you to an oriental atmosphere, but in a contemporary interpretation/ The other elements are just as colourful: the custom-made display pieces and the doors, each one with a different colour.”

“The very numerous luminaires, that come down from the tall ceiling are also heterogeneous: some very elaborated, made from fretted brass and coloured glass and with an Oriental origin, others modern, coming from Italy and with an Oriental vibe, made from filaments”, Erna Moise explained.

On the walls, the authentic Oriental elements: the Persian carpets and the metal-framed mirrors, enough for one to check out if he/she hasn’t turned, in the meantime, into an authentic Scheherazade or Aladdin. And the metallic spiral staircase with oriental decorative elements leads you to the second part of the Sheida story.

Upstairs, there are plenty of oriental elements: the coffee shop slowly becomes a showroom (literally) of Persian carpets, and the furniture is made from reclaimed exotic wood. If you need a little time out before coming down again, you can relax on the multicoloured pillows and stalls.

Because I mentioned earlier that Sheida has a humanitarian cause, we must also mention that the project belongs to The Regina Maria Social Clinics Foundation. So, every time you will drink your coffee or tea here, all the income will help people without a medical insurance or with low income, this endeavour being part of the Sala Palatului and Baba Novac Social Clinics programme. We will come here again.
And now, the contest! Together with Sheida-coffee and stories, we offer a 60 RON voucher, to 4 people. The vouchers can be used in the coffee shop. All you have to do is to answer, in a comment, to the question: “What design element from your house would you change, after being inspired by the images above?”
Each contestant is allowed to answer once (as a reply to this post). The four winners will be elected by draw, with the help of Deadline: Wednesday, February 15, 00:00. Good luck to everyone!

Photos: courtesy of Sheida – Coffe & Stories