Casa Lux – Retro Updated

Natural materials, impressive finishes and retro furniture. These are only a few of the ingredients of this spectacular bathroom that is signed by Erna Berger Moise. Knowing Erna’s portfolio, the clients requested her help in order to create a distinguished design for the master bathroom. The design was created in order to obtain an „updated retro” style, as the designer called it. The distinction of every detail, the perfect balance between shape, colour, materials and textures are the characteristics of this interior, in which quality and taste blend from every component element.

„When I design a bathroom, I try to personalize it in a different manner, I don’t want to replicate the same decor over and over again. In this case, the owners wanted a retro space, and I had all the freedom to create such an atmosphere.” People who want a similar interior would rather have in sight the following pieces of advice, given by Erna:

„The finishes have to potentiate the decor. Here I opted for a combination of materials that managed to offer the atmosphere of this style.”

„The sanitary objects must have a retro design, and their colour has to replicate the colour of the sand or of the silver.”

„The furniture has to be made of sturdy wood and it must have an antique look. Everything has to be in balanced proportions, in order to keep the visual cleanliness.”