A public space with a „domestic” atmosphere

A distinguished presence in the landscape of Bucharest pubs, the intimate and stylish restaurant that we introduce is located in a residential area, next to Aviatorilor Plaza, on a quiet street that keeps the vibe of the 30’s. The constuction was built in the same period, as all the nearby villas are, in a Neo-Romanian style and decorated, 4 years ago, in a perfect, simple, natural manner.

The intimate and quiet atmosphere of the salons from the ground level incites the visitor to dialogue and good cheer. Here we can find people who prefer the simplicity and warmth of a home and not the etiquette that other restaurants impose. The original stoves are still functional and offer warmth during winter.

The tables with two and four seats offer intimacy and the feeling of a cosy home. The rustic decor elements accentuate the same vibe. The floral ornaments from the tables are always accompanied by simple, refined white candles.

A part of the decor elements that have been used are original and were found in the attic of the building, other ones are purchased from antique shops. The wooden support, the mirrors, the lamps, the stoves and the fireplace are also authentic and still functional. The furniture is simple, made from white painted wood, with a slightly antique look, to which a support and a few chests and shelves have been added. In order to give an authentic vibe to the atmosphere, the outfit of the staff is inspired by the fashion of the 30’s and the 40’s.

At the ground level there are two large salons, while at the first level there have been created some booths, thus following the initial dimensions of the rooms. One of the closed balconies is maybe the most intimate space of the whole restaurant.

Because „basilicum”, in Latin means „basil”, we find this leit-motif in every salon of the restaurant, but also in the decoration of the staircase and the terrace, in the shape of clusters hanging from the wall.

The access to the upper level is made through the wooden staircase: here, too, we find the same basil decorations, but also some 1890 original certificates that have been framed and hung on the wall.

The owner of the restaurant, Mr. Silviu Lesner, purchased the building in the summer of 1997, being convinced of its exterior beauty and of the cosy atmosphere of the interior. During the decoration process, that only lasted 4 months, the building didn’t undergo structural modifications, but only small adjustments of the serving spaces (kitchen, bathrooms, storage spaces).

Wanting to keep the same warm, quiet and intimate atmosphere of the 30’s and 40’s, the owner requested the help of an artist that is specialized in interior design, winner of contests that took place in Hungary and that is renowned for her exhibitions.

The request was a simple, familiar decoration, with old household objects (gas lamps, brass teapots, old nuts and grinders, irons), that keep the patina of time.

The charm of the 30’s is present in the big salon from the ground level thanks to the simple, white painted furniture and to the original decorative elements.

The interior design suites the very popular European fashion of the present – public spaces that make you feel like home, having a „domestic” design.
The little balcony from the upper level offers an intimate space and a romantic view.

The paved terrace is covered with wooden framing with visible elements, and has also been decorated with old household objects, with rural features: wicker baskets, gas lamps, cloves of garlic, basil and wheat bundles, tables placed right at the window.

The restaurant can house 60 guests, and another 50 on the terrace, that in the summer becomes overcrowded.

The restaurant has an Italian and international cuisine, but here you can also try different traditional Romanian dishes. Although the regular guests include politicians, business people and VIPs, anyone can feel good here because the atmosphere is enjoyable.

The terrace furniture is made of wrought iron and endears through simplicity and good taste.

The attraction element of the terrace is the roof that covers it: a huge wooden structure, in which each element contributes to the aesthetic effect; everything is at sight: pliers, rafters, bumps and even the revetment. The unblemished bundles of basil decorate and flavor the whole place.

Until 16:00 there is a 20% discount for every product on the menu during the weed, and 50% discount during the week-end.
In order to be sure that you find a free table, it’s wise to make a phone reservation. You can also pay with your credit card.

Why Basilicum? Because basilicum means „basil”, ingredient that is present in almost every Italian dish, an aromatic plant that has an almost mythical meaning for those fond of culinary art.