A portrait of Erna Berger Moise

How did it all start?
It all started with the admission to the Beaux-Arts College in Israel (I lived there for 7 years), the last two years being finished, after 1989, in Bucharest. But the years that truly shaped me as an artist were the first 4 years of college, in Israel.
What made you go from decorative painting, on manual paper, to the mural painting?
The migration from one area to another came as a coherent and natural thing, I don’t see it as a limitation. I’m saying this because I graduated from the Textile Design department, where they focus a lot on interior design studies and projects. This is why, in the last years, I dedicated myself to the interior design.
What are the techniques and themes that you approach?
My technique consists in the application of several layers, between which I can intervene with waxes, with materials that do not allow a good adhesion, so I can then make grindings, incisions. I can come up with screen prints, decorative friezes, but I never use a template. The direction is towards retro, towards the patinated paintings, which reproduce the feeling of old ones.